Plus size and Horizontal Stripes 

It doesn’t even need to be said anymore - I think breaking fashion rules is where you can tap into original style.  I love wearing horizontal stripes.  It’s been said that plus size folks shouldn’t wear them, but I don’t care.  Black and white stripes are a favorite of mine.  This shirt happens to be a maternity shirt from top shop which is sometimes a great way to find pieces that fit from straight size sources (I know fat does not equal pregnant, but i don’t really care where my stuff is from in the store as long as it’s cute).

I wore this layered stripey outfit to run some Sunday Funday errands and then to get brunch with S and my pal T.  We had a blast eating donuts at Nightwood in Pilsen and then we stopped to buy some new succulents to plant - aren’t these succulents that look like rocks cool? I just love them.

Stripe Shirt - Topsop Maternity size 10
Jean Jacket - Gap size XL
Wool stripe knit sweater - Banana Republic (mens) Size L
Black Jeans - Style & Co, Size 16
Boots - Vince Camuto ‘Silas’ Size 11
Purse - H&M
Necklace - Forever 21
Bracelet - King Onye
Earrings - Tarnish
Rings - all from etsy (except the tiny triangle rings from stoney and honey)
Glasses - SEE Eyewear

I’m a 5’9” 220# fat femme

My lovely friend Erin of Zero Style did a story/interview of me for the Supernatural edition of Volup2 magazine (screenshot above from Volup2)

It gives you a bit of a peek into another side of me in which i talk about being teenage witch.

My New Wave Tarot cards referenced in the story can be purchased here

Swapdom and plus size clothing swaps

You all know how much I love clothing swaps. Of course there’s nothing worse than going to them only to find there’s no one your size to swap with.  When fat folks finally started doing their own swaps for sizes that I fit, it was life-changing for me.

I was so excited to learn about SWAPDOM which is an online swapping community for all sizes. I selfishly want to invite my readers to join so that we can have a huge section of plus size options on SWAPDOM.  The plus size section is relatively small now but growing very quickly and your involvement will only make it better and better. 

Join here - IT’S FREE!!! let’s trade some cute clothes and accessories! Don’t forget to tag your clothes as PLUS

and check out my items on my profile too

Witchy Spring Giveaway

I am so excited for the spring equinox and I wanted to do a fun little giveaway for my readers.

What’s in it?

  • Geode Slices
  • Moon Infinity Scarf from JessikaFancy
  • Crescent moon necklace from Tarnish
  • All-seeing Eye Brooch (color may vary)
  • St. Stevie Nicks altar Candle from LastCraft
  • Poppy Flowers in a can that you can grow!
  • 2 bars of Citrus Soap from LUSH
  • Murad blackhead and pore cleaning duo
  • 5 small beauty samples - including benefit, urban decay, etc

How to Win

  • Click on the Rafflecopter link below for details on entry (all details on entry and restrictions are at the Rafflecopter link)
  • Share this post
  • Giveaway runs from Sunday March 9th through Monday March 17th

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Plus Size Bride

Many of you know by now that I am getting hitched this year! It’s a big huge thing that is taking up so much of my time, but it’s also really beautiful to plan an experience that encompasses the union that my partner and I share.  

I totally get that marriage is a complicated thing - it’s an event steeped in a lot of traditions that I as a queer person, I don’t connect with.  But there are some important things like making a commitment to my partner and the sharing of home and kids (which I know TECHNICALLY you don’t need to be married for) that I am really excited about. Getting married makes a lot of things (legal mostly) easier.

But let’s get to the fun stuff.  I’m in a flurry of planning.  I’ve already gone through a slew of pinterest boards which I know a few of you follow. With all my research, I started a specific plus size bride (and bridesmaid) board that I felt a lot of you would really love. When I first started searching, I felt like there were just no options, but when I started really digging - I found so many wonderful designs out there up to size 30 (and lots of custom-size gowns too). As always, I kept everything pretty budget-friendly.  I’m pretty sure every dress I pinned with 2 exceptions is well under $1000. 

I will of course continue to add to to this board and my other wedding boards as I plan.  We are having a big backyard wedding with 4 of our bests (all women) standing with us.  I’m so excited about it all and can’t wait to share the photos from the big day and the entire experience with all of you.

Check out and follow my Plus Size Bride and Bridal Party Pinterest Board!

Above are some dresses I tried at David’s Bridal that I ended up NOT getting, but I wanted to just show some fun try-on shots! It was a great experience to go with a few of my pals and just make an evening of it.

Edited to add, I really fell in love with Alfred Angelo and I’m super impressed that they do not charge ANY extra for plus size gowns up to size 26W. Just a huge awesome shout out to them.