The “effing dyke” hoodie outfit.

So over at Effing Dykes there’s a theory that lezebelles love hoodies.  Honestly I do agree with her that there are a lot of dykes that wear hoodies, I’ve just never really been one of them.  Well maybe for a second in early college.  But mostly I’ve been a v-neck sweater girl when it comes to warm layers, at least once I moved to Chicago.  In texas, there isn’t really the weather for wearing layers, which is why I didn’t have a lot of layering style sense when I first moved to the midwest from my warm home state.  

But as it gets colder, I find that my femme tendencies take a back burner for a few weeks, as I fully indulge myself in my love of tight blazers, skinny jeans and knee-high boots.  I’ll get back into dresses with leggings/tights once winter hits (weird, I know).

So here I am being a bit more butch than usual.  It’s a look I REALLY love on others, and can appreciate on myself as well.  And while I don’t think that a hoodie is an absolute necessity for a gayelle like myself - I’m certainly rocking it while I’m in the mood.

Jacket - ‘Casablanca’ size 46 - thrifted
Hoodie - forever 21 (two years ago) - Sz L
Cami - St Eve via nordstrom rack - Sz XL
Jeggings - Target - Sz 18 (i love these jeggings)
Socks - H&M
Suede/Leather Boots - Lands End* (from the outlet store) - Sz 11
Crystal Bullet necklace - Etsy
Earrings - walmart (crazy i know - but I was stuck in the suburbs for a wedding and lost one of my earrings and found these - they’re amazing!) 
Glasses - SEE 

*Lands End does not make this exact riding boot anymore, and I honestly have never before found a boot in a store that has fit my 18” calves - this was a totally amazing score.  Seriously Amazing.  I can highly recommend their boots and I plan on getting another pair.  This pair looks promising, as does this pair.  The caveat being that the shaft size does get larger with the shoe size, and note that I do wear a size 11 shoe, so your mileage may vary.

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