Johnny Knight - by Amanda Stilwell for The//Qu 

Big news you guys!!!  I am going to be doing some fashion blogging pieces for The//Qu - a new Chicago-based queer pop culture blog.  

I’m really excited about this opportunity and I hope you’ll enjoy the stuff I’m doing there.  My focus will be a wider-spectrum of fashion, not just plus size femme items like it is here.

I’m particularly excited about my first project, the “Woostering” of my beautiful pal Johnny Knight.  He came to me a few weeks ago with a photo of Nick Wooster and just couldn’t get over how great his style was.  I offered to work with him to shape up his style to make him more like Wooster.

The above photos are a little ‘before’ teaser.  Check out The//Qu in the next few weeks for my interview with Johnny.

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