On fat phobia…


i love her clothes and stuff and also the tumblr I’m going to repost this from BUT BUT BUT looking at her it’s more inspiring to me to lose weight than all that skinny bitches, because the clothes cover but the rest seems GROSS :s

I want to do a tatto on the same place she has but I was always scared that I had a bit cellulite BUT this is kinda gross :( compared with me. she’s all bumps on her body. I’m being mean? :(

Hey folks, so normally I don’t respond to all the random commentary I get on my site, but I received this comment to one of my recent posts.  This sentiment is exactly the sort of fat-phobic crap that I spend my life fighting against.  Here’s the deal:  If you’re the sort of person who reblogs my photos with this sort of commentary, please do us both a favor and stop following/reblogging my images.

To the commenter - “Skinny bitches” have cellulite too - cellulite has nothing to do with weight.  But while we’re on the topic, there’s nothing wrong with cellulite.  It doesn’t make anyone less-than, it doesn’t make anyone “gross.” 

And yes, you’re being mean, you’re shaming bodies, and you’re being judgey.  My blog is about body positivity regardless of size.  If you’re going to reblog my photos with such commentary, I suggest you do it in a way that I cannot see it because I will continue to call you out on your shitty body-shaming ways.

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