Accessorizing a pale green dress

I had a request for accessories for a pale green dress.

Can you recommend some ways to style/accessorize a plain velvet tshirt dress? It is short-sleeved, stretch velvet, in a muted seafoam green. I’m a size 14-16, 48-35-49. I like doll-like femme looks, as well as genderfucking, and I’m open to new looks. I find that I look best in looks that are not cluttered, which gives me trouble choosing accessories.

Reader, I hope this outfit suits your needs - I really love the idea of tougher shapes (the moto jacket) in pale colors.  I think those two colors specifically will look great together.

Miss Selfridge wrap dress, $57
Zara lace up bootie, $50
H M leather jewelry, £3.99
Hollister Co braided belt, $30
Dorothy Perkins green scarve, $11
Wholesale jacket - Product Picture from yixie’s store