Sunday Funday and the black maxi dress

I am a sucker for a super vintage mini golf course.  And when the opportunity came up to hang out with my sweet (queer!) friends to play mini golf at one of the oldest places to do that in Chicago, I couldn’t pass it up.

And so while this isn’t a traditional outfit post, I thought you all might want to see what this fat femme does on the weekends.

And here is what I’m wearing:
Black maxi dress - Forever 21+ 2x (from last year)
Sunglasses - SEE optical (prescription)
Ring - Stone and Honey
Earrings - little mom&pop shop in Chicago
Shoes - Franco Sarto black sandals (sorry you can’t see them!)

You may notice that my boyfriend is wearing my siouxsie sioux shirt that you’ve seen on me several times here! 

I’m 5’9” approx 225# queer fat femme!

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