Fly AWAY! The pink bird dress

I must admit that because I live in a place that is NOT HOT most of the year, that I tend to buy clothing that can work well layered for the colder months.  Basically,  I don’t buy a lot of “summer” clothes. I favor dresses with sleeves to spaghetti strap maxis.  I haven’t purchased a lot of new items this summer but when I saw this sweet dress at forever 21, I just had to have it.  It’s even a touch SWEET for my usual style (though I think it will look AMAZING paired with tights and tough boots this fall).  I really dig it for these hot summer days.  It’s great with my platform suede shoes and a vintage bag.

Bird Dress - Forever 21+ - 1XL (current!) (look at the cute faux leather details!)
Pink Suede Platforms - Chinese Laundry
Black circle Bag - vintage 
Citrine crystal necklace - etsy
Earrings - Forever 21

I’m 5’9” approx 225# queer fat femme!

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    Soooooo cute - also, love seeing somehow rocking such cool fashions & I can check what they will look like ON ME because...
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    Still debating getting this dress.
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    That dress is killer and you styled it beautifully! Magahottie.
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    i want this dress >_
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