Coffee at Wormhole and a Vintage Floral Skirt

Saturday morning and a trip to wicker park meant a stop into the lovely coffeeshop Wormhole. Their honey bear latte makes me the happiest. After coffee, it was record shopping at reckless. I got the newest John maus record and haven’t stopped listening to it all weekend.

This vintage skirt is something I’ve had in my closet for several months and I just haven’t had the opportunity to wear it. You may notice I’m wearing the sheer shirt I had in my photos from last week - I love getting lots of looks from a new piece!

Oh and look - I got my hair cut! I needed a little change and decided to even things out a bit so i can grow it out this winter.

What I’m Wearing:
Sheer White shirt - Forever 21 - XL
Vintage floral skirt - no size listed
Tights - Target - XL
Shoes - Chinese Laundry from Akira Chicago
Earrings - etsy
Crystal necklace - etsy
Rings - Stone and Honey
Purse - Valhalla Brooklyn
Glasses - SEE

I’m 5’9” approx 220# queer fat femme!

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