Leather Skirt and Pointy Boots

It’s turned quite cold here in Chicago and of course it’s getting dark at what feels like 3 in the afternoon.  To keep my spirits up, I went shopping for some new things for the winter.  I’m so happy with my new pieces!

I found this faux leather skirt at forever 21 and squealed when I saw it - i still don’t see it on their website. At this point, I’m thinking it was sent from heaven just for me.  I’d been looking at a few leather skater-skirts online, but all were from the UK and I just didn’t want to wait - thank goodness I found this glorious thing.  I paired it with a white button-up, a body chain from Top-Shop and these amazing Dolce Vita (for target) winklepicker booties (from 2010 that I found in perfect condition at a Buffalo Exchange). 

The Clothing Details
White button-up shirt - GAP - Size 18
Faux Leather Skirt - Forever 21 - Sz 14
Black woven body chain - topshop
Rings - H&M
Earrings - local
Black Tights - Target
Winklepicker Boots - Dolce Vita for Target via Buffalo Exchange

I’m 5’9” approx 220# queer fat femme!

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