On shopping while plus size…

I’m sure a lot of you plus size folks have had this experience:  You go shopping with straight-size friends or partners and you end up sitting on the sidelines telling them what looks good or poking through stacks of socks, necklaces and shoes.  The stores that do have both size ranges put them on totally opposite ends of the store and so you have to patiently wait for your straight-size person to finish all their shopping before you can poke your head up to the corner of weird plus size gear and then that experience is completely unsatisfying as well (What is up with the unfashionable options they have put together at Macys and H&M?!?).  It’s easy to feel super alienated from the shopping experience and this can easily ruin one’s day.

I spent last Saturday shopping with my partner, S.  We like shopping – though we both do a lot of it online and we end up going to a lot of places that either don’t have plus size clothes (or anything over a size 12) or that have a segregated plus size section, which means we really end up shopping in the same store in vastly different places.  But last weekend we stopped at a few places that made our experience really fun – Old Navy, Marshalls and a mall that had a Forever 21 (with a really great centrally-located plus size section).  I know a lot of these places are easier for me to shop at now that I’m on the smaller side of plus, but I must wholly recommend these places as great spots to go if you want to have a more shopping-together sort of experience.

While we were in Forever 21, I saw a plus size girl shopping with her smaller friend.  Her friend kept coming over to her in the plus size section and she kept making snide comments about how she’s glad she’s not fat.  The plus size girl just kept trying to shop, but it was obvious the friend’s comments were stinging her.  I glared at the smaller friend.  I can’t help it – it’s that sort of negative behavior that is the reason I started this blog.  The plus size girl looked really good – she had an awesome outfit on, but obviously has to try so much harder to find looks that are readily available for the smaller friend.  And what I mean by that is that because of what clothes are available in plus sizes – it takes THAT MUCH MORE effort to put together something that looks stylish and awesome.

Black and White Crosses Outfit

White/Cross shirt - Forever 21+ Sz 1X
Black skinny jeans (rockstar) - Old Navy, Sz 16 R (I love how skinny these are at the ankle
Body Chain - topshop
Black/White jacket - thrifted (in toronto)
Gold/white ring - H&M
Black/Gold shoes - Dolce Vita for Target
Glasses - SEE
Earrings - Target

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