The Devil’s in the Details

 Accessories can take any outfit from “just something i threw on” to an actual pulled-together look. I used to be annoyed  that sometimes the only thing I could ever find in a store was accessories, because they carried no clothes in my size, but the reality is that it’s allowed me to amass quite a collection of really cute accessories.  A good outfit has a mixture of colors, patterns and textures in the clothes and the accessories should also reflect that mix.

If nothing else, having some key pieces - a weird necklace or some big earrings that you can throw on that will upgrade an outfit is worth even a small amount of money.

And other thing - for those of you that wear glasses, they can be additional accessory that is fun to change up.  Over many years, I’ve added new pairs to my collection.

This skirt you’ve seen before, but I wanted to show you how I’ve paired it with some new accessories (and a new top!)

The Outfit Details
Sea-foam shirt - Forever 21+ - 1X
Faux Leather Jacket - Forever 21+ - XL
Patent flats - Target 
Sea-foam Necklace (worn as a bracelet) - Forever 21
Pink/silver ring - Fossil
Triangle rings - Stone and Honey
Skirt - Forever 21+ - 1X
Hand Collar Clips - gift
Earrings - local shop
Rose Scarf - vintage/thrifted
Jacket - Guess - XL
Glasses - SEE

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