Graphic Print Skirt in the Neo Alley 

A day away from the office and I wanted to go out around the city.  I had just gone dancing at neo the night before and decided I had to do a photo-shoot in the weird painted alley.  Thursday nights at neo remind me of friday night at #’s  (“numbers” - it was named in an era when hashtags did not exist) in Houston, which is where I learned to dance in the late 90s/early 00’s.  I adore 80s dark synth, so a new wave night just takes me to the best places mentally.

I needed an outfit perfect for a cool, sunny day in Chicago - This elastic-waist skirt is heavy enough to not fly up at the slightest wind.  I love the slight touch of neon - just enough to break up the all-black.

Outfit Details
Print Skirt - Target, sz L (new/ mossimo/ runs big!) - available here
Sheer Neon Shirt - Forever 21+, sz 1X - available here
Faux Black Leather Jacket - Forever 21+, Sz XL
Black Tights - Target
Shoes - John Fluevog Selby
Triangle Necklace - Forever 21
Ring - H&M
Bag - Vince Camuto (via Nordstrom Rack)
Glasses - SEE

215# 5’9”

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