Springtime and Patterned Shorts

I am thrilled that it’s finally spring!  Well except that all my dogs are shedding - that isn’t so sweet.  But all the flowers and the warmer weather are just making me so happy right now.

My job has been so busy lately that I really haven’t had time to take some fun photos, but I really wanted to show you guys these amazing sweet shorts I recently purchased.  I think there’s nothing better than mixing patterns and when I came home and remembered I had this precious lace sweatshirt, I knew I had the perfect outfit.  I know this outfit is a little sweet for me - but there’s something about spring that just brings it out of me.

And what about these new creamy pearl glasses from SEE eyewear?  I am completely in love!

Outfit details
Navy/seafoam green patterned shorts - Target - Sz 18
Seafoam lace sweatshirt - Target - Sz XXL
Pale pink studded flats - Target
Rose quartz necklace - lovelymusings etsy
white ring - H&M
Rose ring - Fossil
Glasses - SEE eyewear

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