Gingham Apron Dress from Two J’s New York

A perfect sunny day in my new neighborhood and I just wanted something fun and fresh to wear.  I had to test out my new Two J’s New York apron dress.  It was a windy day so I decided to layer it over a vintage black lace crinoline and my Gene boots by Jeffrey Campbell. 

The great thing about Two J’s clothes is that they are super versatile.  Each item can be styled in many different ways.  This dress has the apron style bodice which can be changed with the strap positions, the tie can be worn in front or back, the straps can be worn out or tucked in.  There is lots of material in the skirt portion - it flares perfectly and did I mention yet….DEEP POCKETS! This dress has pockets bigger than a few purses I own :)

This lovely cotton dress is really great for summer and comes in a variety of colors and fabrics.  I really love the khaki/denim combo as well.

I’ll be posting some more Two J’s New York pieces over the coming weeks.  I hope you love their work as much as I do.

Outfit Details:
Chocolate Cherry Apron Dress - Sz L - Two J’s New York
Black Lace Crinoline - Sz unknown - vintage
'Gene' Ankle Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace - Topman (i think!)
Earrings - local gallery
Moth tattoo - Esther of Butterfat Studio
Glasses - SEE Eyewear

*dress was provided for review by Two J’s New York. This did not influence my review in any way.

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