Geometric Architecture Plus Size Skirt from ReDress

I love thinking about the way I move through the city. Chicago is a city built on a grid - and downtown moves in parallels and perpendiculars.  I plan my routes to get around by cutting across streets - turning corners and hiding on streets slightly less traveled.  I prefer to not be in huge crowds of people and as anyone who lives in chicago knows, there are ways to avoid the insane crowds of people that huddle around garretts popcorn and macys and how to dodge the tourists who stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take photos of the hancock tower.  It’s a fun game.  A maze.  A puzzle.  And that’s just on the street level.  Once you dip down into the lower parts of the el - it’s a whole world of flashing lights and zipping cars.  I love it.  Chicago is a stoic amusement park.  A place where giant buildings are covered in the most amazing of flourishes and details.

And in the same way that the buildings and streets are both ultimate function with gorgeous form, sometimes a simple skirt isn’t so simple.  This great geometric pattern plus size skirt from ReDress is a great piece that can easily transition from the office to a party.  The basic body-con shape means it can be worn a variety of ways - like with a shirt tucked in or with a great oversized shirt untucked.  The pattern is a perfect juxtaposition to the simple lines of the form of the skirt.

What I’m really saying is that you need this skirt - or a skirt like it in your wardrobe.

Architexture BodyCon Pencil Skirt - ReDress - 1X (super stretchy!)
Black Camisole - St. Eve via Nordstrom - XL
Jean Jacket - GAP - XL
Belt - ReDress (no size listed)
Necklace - ReDress (not currently available but try this or this for a similar look!) 
Shoes - Crown Vintage brand via DSW 
Glasses - SEE Eyewear


skirt provided for review by ReDress NYC. my opinions are my own!

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