Parks and Parkas

After visiting Berlin this fall, I was obsessed with finding a plus size parka that looked just the right amount of oversized. Β Everyone there was wearing them and they looked so easy stylish.

I found this plus size parka on sale at Old Navy just before christmas and I was so excited. Β It has all the details I wanted - pull ties on the outside, a vent back, a zipper and massive pockets (I have a water bottle in it!) Plus it was on sale for around $40! It’s not currently on the website - but I found it in store up to size 2XL (which I’m wearing).

Flannel - thrifted
Cross Shirt - Forever 21, Sz L
Black Shorts - Style &Co, Sz 16
Tights - Target, Sz 2X
Shoes in top photos - Jeffery Campbell
Shoes in bottom photos - Top Shop
Parka - Old Navy, sz 2XL
Belt - H&M (mens)
Glasses - SEE Eyewear

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