Target Plus Size Relaunch

We’ve all been waiting months for Target to release their new plus size line.  My local shop finally had the new pieces this weekend.  I was honestly hoping that the rumor of the straight size line being extended to size 3x was going to be true, but what happened is that they only have one brand of plus size items now - Pure Energy. 

I took a few photos of the selections, and there are some of the offerings on the Target website.

Overall there are some decent options.  They have some nice looking work pants mixed in with trendier items.  I loved this deco-style burn-out top with a dip hem.  It’s worth a look and I hope that Target will continue increasing plus size options.

Deco top - Target Plus “Pure Energy” Size 1x
Nude Cami - Nordstrom Rack, Size 1x
Black Jeans - Style &Co, Size 16
Waxed Denim Moto - H&M, Sz 16
Gold stud bag - H&M
Pointy shoes - Fleuvog 
Necklace - Forever 21

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