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From work to the beach (click image to see it larger)

So I’ve owned this rose-colored dress for years now. I’m not sure I’ve ever taken a photo of it because it’s just not anything WOW.  However, since it’s been over 90 degrees in chicago, i’ve needed something that could be layered for the office and unlayered for going to the beach right after work. All I have to do is strip the jacket off and tie up my hair with the scarf for the beach!

Rose dress (XL) - Target (from 3 years ago)
Jacket (XL) - Calvin Klein (from ebay)
Rose-print fringe scarf - some shop in Venice Beach
Purse - Steve Madden via Macys
Shoes - Steve Madden via DSW
Glasses - SEE
leather leaf Earrings - Forever 21

I’m a 5’9” queer fat femme and approx size 18