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Gwynnie Bee the “netflix” for plus size clothes

I’ve raved about Gwynnie Bee all over my fb and instagram, but I had to show you what it’s all about!  

I was wary at first - I didn’t think they had a really well-rounded selection and items seemed not really my style.  However, as they’ve grown and expanded, I am happy to report that I just absolutely love them.  

I do the 3-items-at-a-time option which is perfect for my needs.  A lot of my work wear has been gwynniebee and I’ve already purchased two of the items I’ve received (you have the option to buy items for much less than retail and they usually offer additional discounts and sales too!)

This is a Jessica Simpson cap sleeve floral print dress.  It’s super cute and fits so well.  I paired it with some tights and my go-to waxed denim moto jacket from H&M. Perfect for spring! 

If you haven’t already checked out the month-free trial of Gwynnie Bee, I would love to encourage you to try!  Referral link here*.

Floral print dress - Jessica Simpson via Gwynnie Bee, Sz 1XL
Black tights - Target, Sz 1X
Doc Martens - via nordstrom rack, Sz 11
Waxed Moto Jacket - H&M, Sz 16
Sunglasses - SEE Eyewear
Purse - Forever 21
moon earrings - Topshop

#gwynniebee #ilovegwynniebee

*I get a free garment rental with the referral - thanks for using/sharing!

Plus size swim

A mix of retro and modern is a fun way to enjoy the beach this summer.  

Check out this Wanelo story I created with some adorable Modcloth pieces - this cute plus size cherry-print swimsuit comes in a variety of sizes up to 26.  I’ve paired it with black/white accessories and gold jewelry.  And sometimes you like to put your cherries away, so there’s a great cute plus size black sheer cover-up with cut-outs for a sweet beach look.

Target Plus Size Relaunch

We’ve all been waiting months for Target to release their new plus size line.  My local shop finally had the new pieces this weekend.  I was honestly hoping that the rumor of the straight size line being extended to size 3x was going to be true, but what happened is that they only have one brand of plus size items now - Pure Energy. 

I took a few photos of the selections, and there are some of the offerings on the Target website.

Overall there are some decent options.  They have some nice looking work pants mixed in with trendier items.  I loved this deco-style burn-out top with a dip hem.  It’s worth a look and I hope that Target will continue increasing plus size options.

Deco top - Target Plus “Pure Energy” Size 1x
Nude Cami - Nordstrom Rack, Size 1x
Black Jeans - Style &Co, Size 16
Waxed Denim Moto - H&M, Sz 16
Gold stud bag - H&M
Pointy shoes - Fleuvog 
Necklace - Forever 21

Plus size and Horizontal Stripes 

It doesn’t even need to be said anymore - I think breaking fashion rules is where you can tap into original style.  I love wearing horizontal stripes.  It’s been said that plus size folks shouldn’t wear them, but I don’t care.  Black and white stripes are a favorite of mine.  This shirt happens to be a maternity shirt from top shop which is sometimes a great way to find pieces that fit from straight size sources (I know fat does not equal pregnant, but i don’t really care where my stuff is from in the store as long as it’s cute).

I wore this layered stripey outfit to run some Sunday Funday errands and then to get brunch with S and my pal T.  We had a blast eating donuts at Nightwood in Pilsen and then we stopped to buy some new succulents to plant - aren’t these succulents that look like rocks cool? I just love them.

Stripe Shirt - Topsop Maternity size 10
Jean Jacket - Gap size XL
Wool stripe knit sweater - Banana Republic (mens) Size L
Black Jeans - Style & Co, Size 16
Boots - Vince Camuto ‘Silas’ Size 11
Purse - H&M
Necklace - Forever 21
Bracelet - King Onye
Earrings - Tarnish
Rings - all from etsy (except the tiny triangle rings from stoney and honey)
Glasses - SEE Eyewear

I’m a 5’9” 220# fat femme

How about a throw-back? MEET THE BLOGGER

I found this livejournal style interview out there and thought it might be fun to answer it for InTheThickofIt.
(me and a sunburst!)

(My pups - Scout and Sailor)


  • name: Amanda
  • eye color: blue
  • hair style/color: currently pixie-cut platiunum blonde
  • height: 5’9”
  • clothing style: black and layers and lots of it
  • best physical feature: i’m fond of my eyes and wrists


  • your fears: i’ve got bad hypochondria so getting sick is a huge fear, I also have generalized anxiety issues that I work daily to manage
  • your guilty pleasure: baking and watching tv
  • ambitions for the future: travel more, buy a house, get more dogs


  • your first thoughts waking up: LETS DO THIS (unless it’s before 7am)
  • what you think about most: how to organize various things - i love making lists
  • what you think about before bed: i usually try to turn off the thoughts by playing candy crush
  • you think your best quality is: I’m organized and thoughtful and nurturing and very kind to those i love


  • single or group dates: i like both, because sometimes it’s nice to hang out with a bunch of folks
  • to be loved or respected: respected (but loving and being loved requires respect)
  • beauty or brains: brains
  • dogs or cats: dogs (by far)


  • lie: little whites when they’re necessary, but nothing major
  • believe in yourself: fuck yes.  it’s absolutely necessary
  • believe in love: completely
  • want someone: i have someone! 


  • been on stage: Lots! I did burlesque for years and played (violin/vocals) in several bands
  • changed who you were to fit in: ehh…perhaps a bit in early high school, but i’ve always been more of a leader type.



  • day your next birthday will be: July 30
  • how old will you be: 35
  • does age matter: for some things yes, for other things not so much.