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Pushing the boundaries - Being Plus Size in 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target

I’m always excited to find out about budget-friendly designer lines.  While these lines are more accessible to the wallet, they’re still not designed for a plus size body.  Straight size XL is the largest size the designer lines for Target go to. Not exactly pushing boundaries. But I don’t mind a challenge - which is to say, I’m not bound by sizes and if something is stretchy, I like to play with the shape on my frame.  It doesn’t always work, but it’s nice to see what comes of fabrics.  I also know this option is super limited - or rather not available to all plus size folks.  But still, a good reminder to not feel completely limited by the number that’s listed on a garment (anyone who thrifts knows this rule!!!)

The new 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection is lovely. The materials used included a lot of polyester silky fabrics and non-stretch, which gave me a worry that I wouldn’t be able to find anything to stretch over my curves. When I came across this lovely animal print stretch dress I gasped.  It reminded me of something Peg Bundy or Divine would wear.  Especially when on a plus size body.

I went on a walk with my sweet pups and wore my new dress.  I paired it with sheer black stockings, my stompy vince camuto boots and my new H&M waxed denim moto jacket.  I feel super great in this dress - a great score, right? 

3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Animal Print dress - XL
Waxed Denim Moto Jacket from H&M - 18
Sheer black tights - Hanes
Black boots - Vince Camuto
Glasses - SEE Eyewear

Short blonde hair and glasses

I chopped a little more of my hair this weekend - so I can let it grow out while I’m traveling later this month and not have to worry about upkeep and cuts.  It has a lot of versatility - i liked “peacocking” it today.

Just some silly photobooth pics for now - I’ll be posting more of my usual photos later.  Hope you like them!

Check out the August edition of Redbook magazine for a blurb about me wearing glasses!

And there’s also a piece about fellow plus size blogger Nadia aboulhosn

The Specs the Specs the Specs…

As you can see from the bottom photo, 1) I am a giant nerd and this photo from 1991 is proof of that and 2) I really love glasses.  

I haven’t always worn glasses full-time, but i’ve almost always needed some visual aid since I was in 1st grade.  There was a period in my life when i transitioned to contacts, but at some point in the past 5 years - my eyes did something strange and I had to switch to full-time glasses wearing.

Since I have an accessory on my face all the time, I’ve made it a point to get lots of different styles of frames so I can really use my glasses to change up my look. I’ve noticed that my beauty routine and outfits really change depending on what I’m wearing.  As an example, sometimes I wear darker eye makeup when i’m wearing my lighter frames so that people can notice it a little more.

All the glasses above are from SEE Eyewear and are from the past 5 years.

For those of you that wear glasses - do you have a favorite pair?  do you have a large selection? what designers do you like?

Long Black Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a staple of my summer wardrobe.  They basically feel like wearing pajamas around all the time, but they look great. I found this piece in the maternity section of Target.  Sometimes maternity items end up looking too baggy in the front, but this dress just works really well.  I love the short sleeves and the pleating of the skirt portion.  This maxi can be dressed up a little too for evening - or made more casual for daytime.  

Of course I had to put my spin on it and pair it with an extra long pentagram necklace by Black Swan Theory. I liked the coppery tone of the necklace and mirrored that in the brown sandals.  

This was a fun look for walking around the local art festival this morning.

Black Maxi Dress - Target (maternity) Sz L
Sandals - B.O.C by Born
Pentagram necklace by Black Swan Theory
Titanium Quartz Ring by Stone and honey
Triangle Rings by Stone and honey
Glasses - SEE
Earrings - Etsy (seller no longer on etsy)
Bracelet - Forever 21
Moth Tattoo - butterfat studio