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Spooky Tree Print Dress and Birthdays

I bet you have lots of friends with birthdays right now. It’s a very popular time of year to be born and everyone right now is a Leo, so on top of it being birthday season, all your leo friends are just wanting to be adored with parties. Leos just can’t help it, right?  We need attention.  As for me, getting older (I’m turning 34 on tuesday) means that I’ve been making less of a big deal about my birthday - although here I am talking about it to all my readers.  But it’s a funny thing - I don’t want the fan-fare or the big parties.  I just want a quiet night with my intimate circle - eating food and having some San Pelligrino soda (my favorite drink of the summer!). And it’s odd too - to be 34 and to be queer and have a lifestyle that doesn’t quite fit the “norm” - I don’t have kids, I don’t own a house.  But my life is really quite lovely - I do have two sweet dogs and a beautiful apartment with S.  And I am pretty settled - I have a job and I like to spend a lot of time at home.  It’s a far cry from many of my other lives.  So many other lives I’ve lived.

But instead of waxing nostalgic, perhaps I should tell you about this dress - which is a lovely maxi dress I bought on Asos a few weeks ago.  It isn’t on the website right now, which makes me think that perhaps it’s sold out, which is the saddest.  I hope they restock it.  It’s called the “Spooky Tree Print Dress” It made for a perfect dress for walking around the city yesterday - the weather was a little chilly, so i topped it with my favorite faux-leather jacket from forever 21+.

Oh and for those who are regular followers, you may notice that my hair is a bit more violet now - I got it updated yesterday and I LOVE it!!

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Tree Print Dress - ASOS (16)
Faux Leather Jacket - Forever 21+ (1x)
Necklaces - Forever 21, etsy
Earrings - local boutique
Shoes - Franco Sarto (via nordstrom rack)

The pointy shoes and skinny pants

If you’re a regular follower of InTheThickofIt, you’ll know this outfit isn’t massively different from recent posts.  As much as I try to mix things up, I still have a strong inclination to black/white ensembles.  And in addition to that - it’s been so cold and snowy here in the midwest, it’s been difficult to get in the spirt of wearing anything other than layers of warm things.

Many of my readers have asked how to incorporate gothy elements into everyday wear.  I mean as much as I’d like to look like Siouxsie on a daily basis - it’s not really possible with my day-to-day lifestyle and clothing.  So I make compromises.  These new beautiful John Fluevog shoes i got with friend oooswampwitch in portland are a good example of a strong element of the weird and wicked that can fit into a more casual look. Also part of this outfit is this strange stretchy cross shirt that I purchased from the straight-size section of forever 21.  This is a good example that plus size folks aren’t always relegated to strictly the plus size section of a store - this shirt is SUPER stretchy and could even fit folks larger than myself.

Cross Shirt - Forever 21, Sz L
Denim Shirt - Forever 21+, Size 1X (I adore this button-up)
Porqupine earrings - etsy
Crystal Ring - Stone and Honey
Pointy shoes - John Fluevog Selby 
Glasses - SEE

I’m a 5’9” approx 215# femme!

The last days of summer (goth)

It finally cooled down this weekend in Chicago and to celebrate the not-90-degree weather, S and I went for a long walk downtown.  I wanted to wear something that would be comfortable for the miles of walking and shopping.

You’ve seen all these pieces before, but they’re mixed up here.

Black/white striped Dress - Sz XL - H&M
Black/yellow sweater vest - thrifted and chopped
Braided Belt - Sz 1X - Nordstrom 
Earrings - Target
Bracelet - Forever 21
Studded loafers - Zigi Soho (via Nordstrom rack)
Glasses - SEE

S is wearing H&M shorts, an express shirt, socks from Target, and Dr. Martens

Cute right? Right. 

I’m 5’9” approx 220# queer fat femme!

The sheerest of the sheer dress

Another new piece for my summertime looks.  Of course since it’s still quite cool in chicago, I’ve paired it with a lot of layers.  

This dress is so great for layering - I’ve got it here with leggings, but could easily also go over another dress, a slip, or even jeans.

Sheer Dress - Forever 21+ 2X
Camisole - St. Eve (nordstrom rack), XL
Leggings - Forever 21+ 2X
Boots - Vince Camuto
Jacket - GAP
Cross Necklace - Forever 21
Crystal bullet necklace - etsy
Pyramid earrings - Wilson/Clark imports
Glasses (both) - SEE 
Quartz Ring - Stone and Honey
Belt - Nordstrom Rack - 1X 
Hair by Heather of Black Hearts Hair House, Chicago 

Queer NYE Party Outfit

I had two totally opposite ends of the spectrum outfits picked out for the FKA NYE party.  One was the rainbow hot pink bandage dress from forever 21+.  I ultimately went with this gothy femme daddy look because it was subtle sexy.

Mesh hoodie - thrifted (such a score!)
Denim Jacket - GAP sz XL
Leggings - HUE double knit sz XL (I LOVE these leggings)
Leopard Print Bra - Freya
Shoes - Jessica Simpson 'Bendie'
Leather fingerless gloves - gift
Earrings - forever 21
Cross pull - from a forever 21 necklace
Crystals on jacket sewn on from a vintage chandelier

I tried on the outfit with another necklace, but ultimately decided it wasn’t right - so hence the accessories in the second photo.