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My new target jeggings!

Top - Forever 21
Tank - Macys/INC
Shoes - Crown Vintage
Glasses - SEE

I really like these jeggings.  they’re just the right amount of tight - though i haven’t worn them enough to see how much they stretch out.



American Eagle makes jeggings in extended sizes on their website, although I’m not sure how true the “tall” inseam length is. 
You can also try Faith 21 (from Forever 21), but I don’t know if they have different inseam lengths.
Hope this helps!  

I highly recommend Avenue’s jeggings.  They come in Petite, Regular and Tall! 

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I have a (probably stupid) question - are jeggings jeans that are so tight they could be leggings or are they leggings made to look like jeans? I am so behind on current trends due to lack of funding and lack of “fatshion” in America.

They range from quite shitty-looking dyed jersey leggings to the kind I prefer, which basically look exactly like jeans except for slight elastication at the waist (which can usually be covered up with a longer top or whatever). They’re much stretchier and less confining than regular jeans, while totally showing your shape. Which is why I looove them.

The only thing that sucks about getting the Evans ones is they have these fuckin’ fake pockets. Why would you tease me with the prospect of pockets and then take it away? I’m always trying to put my hands in them and then I have to pretend I’m dusting myself off or something. Meh.

Anyway, I have a follower saying you can get them at Faith21, and I’m sure that’s just the beginning. You might not even be noticing them because some of them really are facsimiles of jeans. Hooray!

I REALLY love the jeggings from Macy’s INC plus size brand (the website is lacking them - but I found them in store).  They are really well made and are in the $50 price range. 

Cheaper versions are available in plus sizes at Target, Faith 21, torrid but I think they look less like tight jeans and more like jean-printed jersey.

Interestingly enough, the jeggings and skinny stretch jeans at Avenue are really well made and look quality. 

And if you really want to splurge - Svoboda jeans, (which are carried at Nordstrom, plus size boutiques and online) carries a great top-notch jegging, which look fantastic, but come with a $120 price tag :(