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Hard shoes and lace tops

Oh a lace top…so much to say about something so dainty and yet so tough.  Ahem.

I found this sea-foam green lace sweatshirt at target last week and just knew it would work with some other pieces in my closet.  I love the mix of the pale color with a sweatshirt cut.  My only wish is that it was a true crew-neck so I could wear it with a button-up collar shirt and have it look just the way I want it to.

I’m JUST SURE y’all are sick of these black skinny jeans, but I swear it’s 12 degrees today and I just can’t be bothered with anything else at the moment. So just know that I’m going to show you what I’m really wearing here - not just outfits that are exclusive for the blog.  REALLY REAL here.

This scarf is one I found at dorothy perkins a few months ago and it looked so much like one I was obsessed over at topshop that was 3x the price, so of course I grabbed this one for myself.

Not too bad for a winter weekend look, eh?

Outfit Details
Teal Lace Sweatshirt - Target, XXL
Jacket - vintage
Pink Skull Scarf - Dorothy Perkins
Black Skinny Jeans - Rockstar Old Navy - Sz 16
Chain ‘Gene’ Booties - Jeffrey Campbell
Citrine Bullet Necklace - Lovely Musings (get 15% off using code 15OFF during the month of February)
Triangle Rings - Stone and honey
Earrings - Target
Glasses - SEE

I’m a 5’9” approx 215# femme!

Lace and Tulle for the New Year

First of all - HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear readers!  InTheThickofIt has grown like CRAZY this year.  Thank you as always for the continued support and love.

Since moving in with S, I have really had to edit my closet as I have much less space than in my old place.  I started to feel like I was wearing the same 10 things over and over again - and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I just started to feel like I was in a bit of a rut on many levels.  So on new year’s eve, I decided to do a little shopping for some new outfits.  

I’ve been looking for a new skirt and this sweet layered skirt from forever 21+ just called my name. It’s 3 layers - a black fitted layer with a layer of cream lace and then topped with a light pink tulle.  It’s a little bit ballerina a little bit figure skater, which is why i was determined to toughen the look up a bit with my cropped striped sweater from H&M and my studded leather jacket.  It’s a great look for a snowy winter january day, don’t you think?

Clothing Details
Black/Cream Striped Sweater - H&M, Sz XL
Lace/Tulle Skirt - Forever 21+, Sz 1X (similar available here)
Leggings - Forever 21+, Sz 1X
Wedge Shoes - Topshop
Leather stud jacket - Forever 21+, Sz 1X
Horse wool scarf - society for scarves (here)
Crystal necklace - etsy
Earrings - Target
Purse - Dorothy Perkins

I’m 5’9” and approx 215# 

Warm in the Winter…my rosy outlook

We’ve had a bit of surprisingly warm weather in Chicago lately and I decided to take advantage of it with this springy outfit.

Beige Lace Shirt - 2X, by Perch via Vive La Femme
Cami - 1X from walmart
Green Jacket - 16 by Calvin Klein
Jeggings - 18 by Target
Shoes - 11 by Faryl Robin via DSW
Ring - by Stone and Honey
Necklace - by forever 21
Earrings - gift
Coat - thrifted 

I’m a 5’9” queer fat femme and approx size 18 

Going out to brunch to my favorite gay-friendly brunch place, Tweet.

Siouxsie Sioux shirt - gift
Lace Jacket - forever 21+
Black Jeans - Target (18T)
Shoes - Crown Vintage
Earrings - little shop in town
Glasses - SEE

It’s too dark to get a really good photo of this outfit, but I have to show you.  I am absolutely over-the-moon about this lace jacket.

Lace Jacket - forever 21+ (3X)
Camisole - nordstrom (XL)
Leggings - forever 21 and target (2X)
Shoes - Crown Vintage (from DSW)
Clutch - ny&co
Necklace - H&M
Glasses - SEE