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90’s Vintage Plus Size Daisy Print Dress

It’s so hard for me to call 90’s clothes “vintage” since that was my teenage era and well, I just can’t admit that I’m vintage.  But I am - I know. And I had a dress exactly like this in 1995 when I was a sophomore in high school.  I loved it and I used to wear it with a flannel and my green suede Dr. Martens. 

That old dress bit the dust many years ago, but I found this great version while shopping at Lovesickvintage.  Owner Britteny has a fantastic collection of VINTAGE PLUS SIZE CLOTHES - I know, the holy grail, right? I highly recommend checking out her etsy site and for those in Chicago, stop by Market Days at Township on Sundays.

I’m going to relive my teenage years in the most adult way - by going to brunch and a few coffee shops. A perfect sunday for this outfit. I snuck in a photo of my sweetheart S - wearing his sunday favorite outfit.

Daisy print 90s dress - Lovesick Vintage
Flannel - thrifted (Men’s size L)
Denim Jacket - GAP
Dr. Martens - via nordstrom rack
Triangle Necklace - Forever 21
Purse - Forever 21
Crystal bullet necklace - etsy, lovelymusings
Glasses - SEE Eyewear
Earrings - etsy 

S is wearing a denim shirt from H&M, Shorts are H&M, Shoes are Dr Martens canvas lace-ups, necklace from Forever 21

5’9” 220# queer fat femme

Faux lashes, Floral tattoos and stick on pearls

I think valentines day is a bunch of heteronormative silliness, but at least there are pretty fake tattoos and stick-on pearls for sale at the store!

Here’s to queering february!

Lashes - sephora
Faux pearls - michaels
Faux tattoos - vending machine at the grocery store
Dress - Forever 21
Earrings - Target 

I’m a 5’9” queer fat femme and approx size 18  

Love You

I received this question in my ask, and wanted to post it here as a reminder.

Why is it that despite the fact that we have almost identical body types I think yours is smoking and mine is gross? I would look almost exactly like you in that dress and would see pictures and feel awful, but when I look at you I only see amazingness. I need to get my head on straight.


Well this is a tough thing, because it is such a personal journey.  My road to body acceptance has taken a long long time and I totally understand how easy it is to fall into not liking yourself.

But I hope that you’ll find inspiration in my body love and the other fat bloggers who are just happy in their own bodies.  Use that to every day renegotiate with yourself and how you approach your body.  

Here are some other things that have helped me over the years:

Don’t equate fat with bad (it is a descriptor like “tall” or “curly haired”).  

Don’t call other people fat as an insult.

Start hanging out with other awesome fatties.  

Don’t date people who insult your looks and work on dating people who are also body positive.  

Get rid of your scale.  

Stop dieting.  

Wear clothes that make you feel badass.  

Stomp down the street like it is a catwalk.

Get into some body-positive therapy.

Love you.  Really, that’s all you gotta do, is love you.