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Plus size swim

A mix of retro and modern is a fun way to enjoy the beach this summer.  

Check out this Wanelo story I created with some adorable Modcloth pieces - this cute plus size cherry-print swimsuit comes in a variety of sizes up to 26.  I’ve paired it with black/white accessories and gold jewelry.  And sometimes you like to put your cherries away, so there’s a great cute plus size black sheer cover-up with cut-outs for a sweet beach look.

The Plus Size Bride

Many of you know by now that I am getting hitched this year! It’s a big huge thing that is taking up so much of my time, but it’s also really beautiful to plan an experience that encompasses the union that my partner and I share.  

I totally get that marriage is a complicated thing - it’s an event steeped in a lot of traditions that I as a queer person, I don’t connect with.  But there are some important things like making a commitment to my partner and the sharing of home and kids (which I know TECHNICALLY you don’t need to be married for) that I am really excited about. Getting married makes a lot of things (legal mostly) easier.

But let’s get to the fun stuff.  I’m in a flurry of planning.  I’ve already gone through a slew of pinterest boards which I know a few of you follow. With all my research, I started a specific plus size bride (and bridesmaid) board that I felt a lot of you would really love. When I first started searching, I felt like there were just no options, but when I started really digging - I found so many wonderful designs out there up to size 30 (and lots of custom-size gowns too). As always, I kept everything pretty budget-friendly.  I’m pretty sure every dress I pinned with 2 exceptions is well under $1000. 

I will of course continue to add to to this board and my other wedding boards as I plan.  We are having a big backyard wedding with 4 of our bests (all women) standing with us.  I’m so excited about it all and can’t wait to share the photos from the big day and the entire experience with all of you.

Check out and follow my Plus Size Bride and Bridal Party Pinterest Board!

Above are some dresses I tried at David’s Bridal that I ended up NOT getting, but I wanted to just show some fun try-on shots! It was a great experience to go with a few of my pals and just make an evening of it.

Edited to add, I really fell in love with Alfred Angelo and I’m super impressed that they do not charge ANY extra for plus size gowns up to size 26W. Just a huge awesome shout out to them.

Plus Size Blogger Burnout

If you’re an avid reader of plus size blogs, you may have noticed several plus size bloggers recently speak about Blogger Burnout.  

What is Blogger Burnout?  Well…it’s different for everyone.  For some, it can be difficult to maintain a certain image all the time. Additionally, clothes are expensive and if you don’t buy new pieces - it doesn’t make for the most interesting blog.  And it can be hard to keep going when there isn’t a lot of incentive or pay for doing this every day (and it really is every day even when there aren’t posts - other social media needs to be maintained, constant upkeep, etc).  Plus most of us have day jobs and families and our own issues (mental and physical) that add extra difficulties.  But - I don’t want to seem like this is the most terrible thing. It’s just not easy to always be ON.  

I’ve certainly had my share of having burnout feelings, so I wanted to just raise this post of solidarity to recognize that those feelings are real and that this isn’t as simple as putting a photo on the internet. 

But speaking of photos - this is an outfit post too.  This outfit pulls a lot of things you’ve seen here and as always, I am going to always be recycling things.  This is real life y’all.  I wore this to get my haircut and run a few errands.  I really love wearing shorts with tights.  I feel a little less self-conscious than if I’m just wearing shorts alone, plus now that it’s colder - it’s a great way to layer.

Stripe Jacket - Vintage (thrifted in Toronto)
Green Oversized Sweater - Primark, UK Sz 20
Black Shorts - Style & Co jeans, Sz 16
Sheer black stockings - Hanes, Sz XXL
Green Booties with Gold detail - Modcloth
Necklace - Forever 21
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Clutch - Kenneth Cole 
Bracelets - Nordstrom Rack

On being part of the conversation

Have you ever had the opportunity to actually be listened to? To share your desires with people who care is huge. When I received an email a few months ago from ModCloth asking me to participate in a blogger event that was oriented at listening to what plus size bloggers are looking for - I jumped at the chance.  How fantastic to be able to talk to people IN THE INDUSTRY about what I want to see.

So last week, I traveled to New York City to meet up with around 30 bloggers and industry folks (folks like Nadia Aboulhosn, Gabi Gregg, Erin of ZeroStyle, Margie Ashcroft - and folks from various magazines were also in attendance).  ModCloth brought us all together to show us the research they’ve been doing about the plus size market. One of the most surprising things for me to learn was that there are more size 16 women than there are size 0 and size 2 COMBINED! The results of their research basically indicated that there is a HUGE (no pun intended) market for clothing manufactures in the plus size area.  They brought this research to their vendors and found they were having a lot of push-back about actually creating clothes, despite this market research.  It’s not surprising I suppose that fat-phobia is so pervasive that even when faced with making a huge profit, folks are still unwilling to work with plus size bodies.  But ModCloth is taking this opportunity.  They’re working with a master pattern maker to design patterns that fit up to size 4X (and they say this is a true 4x and that they’re hoping to open that up even further down the line).  Honestly it was so refreshing to hear the excitement the presenters had about actually having a lot of options for their plus size shoppers. They also asked us lots of questions and let us give our thoughts and insights.  Many of us asked about fit and standardizing sizing, which they are absolutely focused on.  They have a master pattern maker who is working with fit models all over the country. I also wanted to find out if they were planning on including vintage styles other than fit-and-flare dresses (they are and they have a line coming out this fall that sounds witchy and wonderful!). It was great to be able to interact and ask questions.

If you haven’t visited ModCloth in a while, now would be the time.  They’ve standardized their plus size sizing (while before there would be items that were more “junior plus” and weren’t marked as such).  Many new pieces have been added and more to come with several special lines later this summer/early fall.

Outfit Details (above)
Galactic Gala Dress in 1x from ModCloth (this dress is SUPER stretchy!)
Leggings - Target XXL
Boots - Born
Quill earrings - etsy
Necklace - Forever 21
Braided Belt - Nordstrom
Jacket - Forever 21+
Glasses from SEE Eyewear