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Just Be

While I love to discuss fashion and clothing - sometimes it’s important to dig a little deeper.  We need to critique and explore why fat fashion is important - and why diversity in fashion is critical.  I touched on this briefly last year when I posted about queer fashion and how androgyny in queer fashion is often skewed to masculine clothing (femmes are rarely read as androgynous - which is a serious misinterpretation in my opinion).  

Recently a reader asked me -  if fat people push themselves into the public eye, are we alienating ourselves by giving people a chance to notice we are different.  She said,Im not saying we should be quiet or non existent, but should we not just BE?” 


JUST BE.  This statement gave me pause. For how many years did I try to hide my fatness?  How long did I attempt to go unnoticed by the general public.  The problem is, you cannot hide fat.  Fat people are noticed and scrutinized constantly.  It’s not as if we are invisible.  But have we been treated humanely?  We live in a society that does not respect fat bodies. They want us to be invisible but we are not.

Fat bloggers are displaying ourselves in fatkinis, we’re posting photos of plus size clothing worn in fashionable ways and we are demanding to accepted. My fat body is here as a reminder that all of us deserve respect and great fashion. To Just Be a fat person is itself a political act - you don’t have to be posing in a dress on a blog to make waves.



And speaking of political acts and fat bodies, I highly recommend you read these much deeper posts by my friends…

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The Iconic Dress - photo by Terry Mac Namara 2003

Nicolette Mason asked the femme group what are our iconic pieces of clothing.  This is mine.  I found this dress in a vintage shop in 2002 and instantly fell in love.  It was the first real piece in my femme wardrobe and I loved it especially in this photoshoot shot by Terry Mac Namara in 2003.

Other pieces that really made me ME include: my Hole t-shirt that I bought at their show in 1993, a teal brocade custom corset made for me by my friend heather, a lace long sleeve button up shirt that I wore throughout most of high school and well into my 20s (I wish it still fit/I still had it)


So excited to share the cover of Plus Model Magazine’s December Issue with Gabi!

Isn’t it awesome that there are so many fierce fat women in the world?