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Stripes on Stripes and Oxfords and Toronto

As you may recall, I visited toronto earlier this spring and had a wonderful time.  I went back earlier this fall for a quick weekend trip for S’s birthday.  This time we spent a lot more time exploring the neighborhoods.  

We ended up finding some great thrifting in the St. Clair West area of town.  At one shop, they were having a 50% off everything sale, and I found these amazing vintage UK leather oxfords.  They needed a little repair, but I brought them home to my cobbler and got them fixed up - total cost with repairs was $25!  Then in the next shop, I stumbled across this amazing striped wool coat for only $15.  I scooped it up and got it cleaned and repaired when I came home.

The highlight of the toronto trip was seeing Molly Nilsson at a tiny little venue on S’s birthday.  Her music is comforting to me - her voice is so deep and pure.  Seeing her there and talking to her before the show was just a dream (that’s her album in the first photo)
Molly Nilsson - Hey Moon
Molly Nilsson - I Hope You Die 

Clothing Details

Black/White Striped Dress - Old Navy - Sz XL (currently available on their site)
Oxblood Sweater Tights - Nordstrom
Oxblood Belt - H&M
Black/White striped coat - thrifted, vintage 
Oxford Shoes - Thrifted
Star cut-out gloves - H&M
Clutch - vintage
Quill earrings - etsy
Necklace - etsy 

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