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The pointy shoes and skinny pants

If you’re a regular follower of InTheThickofIt, you’ll know this outfit isn’t massively different from recent posts.  As much as I try to mix things up, I still have a strong inclination to black/white ensembles.  And in addition to that - it’s been so cold and snowy here in the midwest, it’s been difficult to get in the spirt of wearing anything other than layers of warm things.

Many of my readers have asked how to incorporate gothy elements into everyday wear.  I mean as much as I’d like to look like Siouxsie on a daily basis - it’s not really possible with my day-to-day lifestyle and clothing.  So I make compromises.  These new beautiful John Fluevog shoes i got with friend oooswampwitch in portland are a good example of a strong element of the weird and wicked that can fit into a more casual look. Also part of this outfit is this strange stretchy cross shirt that I purchased from the straight-size section of forever 21.  This is a good example that plus size folks aren’t always relegated to strictly the plus size section of a store - this shirt is SUPER stretchy and could even fit folks larger than myself.

Cross Shirt - Forever 21, Sz L
Denim Shirt - Forever 21+, Size 1X (I adore this button-up)
Porqupine earrings - etsy
Crystal Ring - Stone and Honey
Pointy shoes - John Fluevog Selby 
Glasses - SEE

I’m a 5’9” approx 215# femme!

My new shoes that i managed to pay only $7.70 for (DSW clearance, plus store credit plus $10 rewards).

They are Seychelles, which are one of my favorite brands (i especially love that they carry size 11!).

Here is a similar pair (though not exactly the same)

I’m always on the quest for cute boots that fit my 18” calves.  I stumbled across these today at DSW and scored them on clearance too!

Here’s the link to these boots online (they’re not on clearance online)

They are not real leather though, which is sorta a downer for me.  I just wish there were more high quality boots in plus sizes that I could TRY ON.  For those of you in the UK or who are willing to deal with shipping from the UK, Duo Boots are great quality, real leather boots in calf sizes up to around 22” (they sell by shoe size and calf size).

Reader Request: Patent Pumps

I had a request for some outfit ideas to wear with patent pumps.  I personally think you can go dressy or a bit more casual with them - they’re a subtle statement but they need the right mix of pieces as to not be ridiculous.

Basically, I wouldn’t wear them with shlubby jeans or with a super-tight shiny dress. 

Here are my ideas:

NIGHT OUT- Black structured dress with a little bit of leopard for some umpf.

ROCK OUT - Military-inspired jacket, black skinny jeans, rocker jewelery

POLKA DOT (two ways):  1) with skinny jeans, a red trench and a sequin bag. 2) with a pencil skirt and a perfect little bag

Fall fashion - UO Catalogue

Oh urban outfitters, what a TEASE!  I’d like everything here in fat girl sizes please!   I think it’s about time for a fattening up of these outfits - I’ll do my best to recreate them in plus sizes on polyvore in the next few days. 

You guys can keep all the weird 90s stuff though - i don’t need any more giant velvet pants and sheer layer shirts in my lifetime.

I can’t get over how much I love military-inspired lace-up boots with EVERYTHING for fall.