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In a rush to find brightly-colored tights for a performance, I ran into Target last week.  I was completely distracted from my task by this short tight little 90’s inspired dress on my way to the tights section.  It CALLED me with it’s short dress siren song. As I was drawn in, I couldn’t help but think about how fantastic it would be to have a Kelly Bundy inspired fall wardrobe.  I mean, she was certainly one of my Femme Icons growing up (as was Peg Bundy for that matter).  

So here I am, one INCREDIBLY short dress later.  Yes you can practically see my nether-regions, but who am I to deny the world this act of hips and tits?

Here’s to an autumn of short and tight and strapped.

Dress: Target (XXL)
Shoes: Crown Vintage
Denim Jacket: Gap XL
Bag: Forever 21
Feather Earrings: etsy
Glasses: SEE

Yes, that is my t-bone steak tattoo poking out, done by Esther Garcia of Butterfat Studios in Chicago 

I’m a 5’9” queer fat femme and approx size 18