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Short blonde hair and glasses

I chopped a little more of my hair this weekend - so I can let it grow out while I’m traveling later this month and not have to worry about upkeep and cuts.  It has a lot of versatility - i liked “peacocking” it today.

Just some silly photobooth pics for now - I’ll be posting more of my usual photos later.  Hope you like them!

The hair…

I’ve had so many requests and asks about my hair lately that I though I’d just do a quick write-up about it.

My hair is currently cut in a short pixie-ish style and dyed platinum.  I do a few shades of platinum depending on the season, but right now it’s a pretty basic shade (since I’m doing a few interviews and such). My hair is naturally blonde, but not nearly this light.

I absolutely love having a short cut.  It feels stylish and it’s fun to play with.  I have noticed that I have to pay more attention to it when it’s short though - it requires more maintenance to keep it looking not shaggy and you can’t just throw it in a ponytail (to be honest i’m not a fan of that look anyway).  I use headbands when i need to keep my hair out of my face, but that’s usually just a in-the-house look for me anyway.

My hair is styled by Patrick at Fringe Salon in Chicago.  He’s an amazing friend and a great stylist.  He’s one of those folks that will walk you through every step of what he’s doing.  I love it. Plus he’s obsessed with fashion and music and art like I am, so he’s also great to chat with on that level.

You really should make an appointment with him if you’re in the Chicago area.  Mention my name (Amanda or InTheThickofIt) so he knows I sent you!  

Fringe Salon Chicago
1437 N Milwaukee Ave

Hard shoes and lace tops

Oh a lace top…so much to say about something so dainty and yet so tough.  Ahem.

I found this sea-foam green lace sweatshirt at target last week and just knew it would work with some other pieces in my closet.  I love the mix of the pale color with a sweatshirt cut.  My only wish is that it was a true crew-neck so I could wear it with a button-up collar shirt and have it look just the way I want it to.

I’m JUST SURE y’all are sick of these black skinny jeans, but I swear it’s 12 degrees today and I just can’t be bothered with anything else at the moment. So just know that I’m going to show you what I’m really wearing here - not just outfits that are exclusive for the blog.  REALLY REAL here.

This scarf is one I found at dorothy perkins a few months ago and it looked so much like one I was obsessed over at topshop that was 3x the price, so of course I grabbed this one for myself.

Not too bad for a winter weekend look, eh?

Outfit Details
Teal Lace Sweatshirt - Target, XXL
Jacket - vintage
Pink Skull Scarf - Dorothy Perkins
Black Skinny Jeans - Rockstar Old Navy - Sz 16
Chain ‘Gene’ Booties - Jeffrey Campbell
Citrine Bullet Necklace - Lovely Musings (get 15% off using code 15OFF during the month of February)
Triangle Rings - Stone and honey
Earrings - Target
Glasses - SEE

I’m a 5’9” approx 215# femme!

BOYS ENTRANCE with my Leather satchel

Even if you’re not in school - a roomy bag is a really good accessory to have.  This white leather rucksack by Grafea England is perfect for carrying around on the daily. 

I used it for shopping this weekend.  S and I walked around on the icy/snowy streets running errands - record shopping and target and the usual stuff.  My shoes (despite being suede) were a good choice for walking on ice - I didn’t slip at all. I love this outfit for casual saturday shopping.  This chambray shirt is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now.  I can’t recommend it enough.  Or just chambray in general - there’s a lot out there right now.  Great for that transition from winter to spring.

Chambray/denim shirt - Forever 21, 1X
Black skinny jeans - Rockstar cut, Old Navy, 16
Socks - H&M
Gray Suede Creepers - TUK
White Rucksack - Grafea England “Bianca” available for purchase here*
Necklace - Forever 21

I’m a 5’9” approx 215# femme!

*this bag was provided to me by Grafea England

The colors of a rose garden

I promised something other than the black/white outfits I’ve been inundating you all with for weeks.  A sunny cold day seemed like just the time to pull out some pink and dark red - one of my favorite color combos.

Photos are from the el, just at sunset.

Outfit details
Pink Tunic - Forever 21 Plus - Sz 1X
Red Jeggings - Target - Sz 16
Green Jacket - GAP - Sz XL
Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Black/gold stud bag - Forever 21
Ring - Stone and Honey
Braided Belt - Nordstrom
Necklace - Forever 21
Boots - Steve Madden
Earrings - local
Glasses - SEE