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Style Me/ Ask Guidelines for InTheThickOfIt

I really love helping folks find outfits and creating looks in polyvore.  I also love answering various questions about fit/styles for shapes/etc. 

Here are some guidelines of how to best utilize the “ask” button for InTheThickOfIt so I can provide answers for you that fit your needs

1) If you are asking me anonymously, I would really love it if you could include an email address for me to contact you with follow-up questions and so I can let you know when your question will be addressed.  I’m trending towards not answering tons of completely anon questions.

2) Please list your size range

3) Please include a general price range

4) Please let me know what sort of styles you like (femme, butch, casual, or a style icon works too)

5) Any other details that might be helpful (if you are a specific shape that you want me to think about when looking for items)

I am looking forward to helping my readers out!

Outfit styling for Baddream

Hi there!

Baddream requested a style that walks the line between classic and trendy and that is also very budget friendly.  I came up with these looks.  These pieces can really be mixed and matched for so many different outfit possibilities.

I oriented it around fall weather.  I know there’s a lot of gray, but i think it’s a great neutral for the fall.  I especially LOVE that coat - it’s just so versatile!

Everything below can be had for around $500 - and every individual piece is under $50 (most significantly so)



Old Navy Womens Fair Isle Tie-Belt Wrap Cardigans
$40 -
Short tops »


Old Navy Womens Plus Plaid Roll-Up Tops
$30 -
Old navy tops »


Burgundy boyfriend cardigan
25 GBP -
Long sleeved tops »


ASOS CURVE Gathered Sleeve Blouse
$44 -
Satin blouses »


Old Navy Womens Plus Pleated Floral-Print Tops
$25 -
Kimono tops »


Plus Size Herringbone Print Ponte Jacket at and…
$40 -
Jackets »


Old Navy Womens Plus Canvas Military-Style Jackets
$45 -
Old navy jackets »

image Just My Size - Women’s Plus Essentials Stretch Leggings:…
$7 -
Leggings »


Plus Size Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
$54 -
Plus size jeans »


Plus Size Angled Pocket Ponte Skirt at and…
$19 -


Old Navy Womens Ankle-Zip Skinny Cargos
$35 -
Wide legs pants »


Womens - View All - Boots - Payless Shoes
$35 -
Flats shoes »


Cutout Ballet Flats
$17 -
Ballerina flats shoes »


Black Suede & Leather Buckled Booties
$28 -
Peeptoe shoes »


Hobo Bag with Strap
$32 -
Hobo handbags »

image - New Arrivals - Accessories - 1083600395
$35 -
Forever21 clutches »

image - Accessories - Handbags & Wallets - 1083259061
$18 -
Forever21 wallets »

image - New Arrivals - Accessories - 1084553189
$5.80 -
Forever21 clutches »


ASOS Extra Long Spike Earrings
$13 -
ASOS earrings »


Falling Leaves Necklace
$15 -
Forever21 necklaces »


Scarves & Snoods - Accessories - TOPMAN
$28 -
Scarves »

Outfit styling

As regular followers of my blog know, I’m very fond of styling outfits.  So I’ve decided to offer up fashion styling for the first 2 readers to respond.

How this works:  You provide me with your current size, budget, country of residence (this is so i won’t suggest shopping at places that don’t ship to you) and what looks/styles you are going for.  If you own certain pieces like a specific pair of boots that you are unsure how to style - let me know and I will incorporate.  I will put together 3-5 outfits via polyvore that fit your budget from a variety of online shopping resources.  I’ll post the polyvore outfits this week and you get to use them to do some online shopping!


Ok, let’s go!

Update!  I’ve got one taker - still room for one more!