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InTheThickofIt Follower Appreciation GIVEAWAY!

My followers are the reason I have the energy to keep this blog up.  In honor of ALL OF YOU – I’ve decided to have a giveaway!

What’s in the bag?
1)   A beautiful Citrine bullet necklace from Lovely-Musings
2) Geometric body chain from LovMely
3) Sephora $25 gift certificate
4)   Essie nailstrips
5) Sally Hanson fishnet nailstrips
6) Gold star glitter/nail art
7) Andalou Naturals facial set
8) Vintage print scarf
9) New Wave Tarot major arcana, designed by me!
10)   Forever 21 $25 gift certificate (not shown)
11) Desert Decadence facial clay
12)   Styling session (online) with ME - InTheThickofIt

What are the details?
1)   Reblog this post to get 2 entries or like this post to get 1 entry
2)   Like the InTheThickofIt on Facebook to get an additional 1 entry

3)   Winners will be chosen with a randomizer on Feb 25th 2013
4)   You will need to provide a shipping address within 2 weeks (and yes, I will ship internationally!)

Give some love to my friend Lovely-Musings who provided the citrine bullet necklace.  This necklace has been a staple in my outfits for the past year – SO VERSATILE!

LovelyMusings on Esty:

LovelyMusings on Facebook:

Readers can also use the coupon 15OFF at checkout in Lovely-Musing’s shop to receive 15% off all orders through the month of February.  There are some SERIOUSLY gorgeous pieces at her shop – lots of crystals and shiny things!
lovely musing's necklaces

Also please check out LovMely who provided the geometric body chain.  This piece is so great for special occasions.

LovMely on Esty:

LovMely on Facebook:

Readers can also use the coupon inthethickofit at checkout in LovMely’s shop to receive 20% off all orders through the month of February.  Lots of body chains and cute necklaces that are great for special occasions!