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Floral shoes and plus size tattoos

Are tattoos still taboo? Pretty much everyone in my circle of friends has at least a few visible tattoos.  I think they’re amazing and beautiful and I love my artist, Esther at Butterfat.  But other than aesthetics, I really never think about mine much. That is until I get hit with a situation in which I am discriminated against because of them or if someone grabs me to look at them.  Those situations happen rarely, so I usually have time to forget about it until it happens again and then I’m there thinking - oh right, some people still live in a world in which tattoos are not “normal” Add on to that being a visibly fat girl with visible tattoos and I guess I’m just going to get comments and freakouts.

I fully believe that my tattoos are beautiful.  And that tattoos can be very fashionable.  There is nothing that says a person who loves fashion cannot have tattoos.  To have tattoos is not a call for attention. To have tattoos does not mean you’re a deviant. And yet, there’s something about women with tattoos that makes people take a step back.  It seems to be less problematic with men - a huge example would be Nick Wooster, fashion icon and fashion buyer. Why must women who want to be seen as fashionable remain uninked? Oh probably just because we live in a society which wants to constantly control how women are seen.  No big deal, right? 

Well right.  So I guess here I am again - a tattooed fat person doing my best to prove to the world (fashion and otherwise) that I belong here.

Enough of my complaining - check out this adorable plus size dress with faux leather details.  I paired it with my favorite shoes of this summer - these gorgeous floral lace-up oxfords.  Perfect for walking around the neighborhood. I wore it shopping at a vintage shop and the new Logan Hardware record store.

Outfit Details
Black cap sleeve Dress with faux leather details - Target (XXL)
Pink Belt - Old Navy
Floral oxford Shoes - Free Press via Nordstrom Rack
Green box purse - vintage
Sea Glass necklace - Lovelymusings etsy
Glasses - SEE eyewear
earrings - local boutique 

In a rush to find brightly-colored tights for a performance, I ran into Target last week.  I was completely distracted from my task by this short tight little 90’s inspired dress on my way to the tights section.  It CALLED me with it’s short dress siren song. As I was drawn in, I couldn’t help but think about how fantastic it would be to have a Kelly Bundy inspired fall wardrobe.  I mean, she was certainly one of my Femme Icons growing up (as was Peg Bundy for that matter).  

So here I am, one INCREDIBLY short dress later.  Yes you can practically see my nether-regions, but who am I to deny the world this act of hips and tits?

Here’s to an autumn of short and tight and strapped.

Dress: Target (XXL)
Shoes: Crown Vintage
Denim Jacket: Gap XL
Bag: Forever 21
Feather Earrings: etsy
Glasses: SEE

Yes, that is my t-bone steak tattoo poking out, done by Esther Garcia of Butterfat Studios in Chicago 

I’m a 5’9” queer fat femme and approx size 18