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Librarian Witch Looks for a Winter Day

Some days call for a dark wintery look infused with vintage.  I found this great plus size skirt at Knee Deep Vintage when I was in Pilsen a few weeks ago shopping with my friend HL.  Knee Deep has an amazing collection of curated vintage clothing, but I love them so much for carrying lots of plus size pieces. The owner is super friendly and loves helping find the perfect outfit.  I ended up with a great vintage slip and a cute sparkly vintage sweater as well. Absolutely make sure you stop by and check them out - as well as so many other great vintage shops in Pilsen.  I probably need to make a neighborhood guide soon!

Of course a winter look could not be complete without some decent boots and a thick pair of tights - it’s just too cold in Chicago otherwise.

Vintage Wool Coat - Thrifted
Black floral skirt - thrifted from Knee Deep Vintage
Sheer White Shirt - Forever 21+, Sz 2X
Cranberry tights - Merona, Sz 2X
Boots - Topshop
Belt - H&M (men’s section)
Earrings - Tarnish
Glasses - SEE Eyewear
Necklace - Forever 21

Perfect flats by Chromatic Gallerie

I was contacted a few months ago by Chromatic Gallerie to take a look at their line. When I got  to their website - I flushed with excitement - THE COLORS!  THE HEEL HEIGHT CHOICES! THE SIZES!!!! This amazing New York-based company makes the  most amazing shoes that come in flats, 2” heels, 3” heels and 4” heels and in 45 colors.  And their shoes are available up to size 12.  Ok, I was sold - so I got this gorgeous black/white patterned pair called “Cat Called.”

I was so impressed when I received them.  Not only are they beautiful in person - but these shoes have amazing comfort. You know how most flats are just totally flat on the inside? These have a great pillowy arch inside. The round toe means your foot is never squished inside.  Seriously comfortable.  I wore them right out of the box to walk to my hair appointment this morning.

You know I don’t recommend anything I do not fully love and support.  I absolutely love these flats and cannot wait to order some of the 3” heels as well to add to my collection

*Cat Called Flats
* Rosie Ya Later 2” Heels
* Lipsticky Situation 3” Heels
* Blue Crush on You Flats

White Button up - Gap, Sz 18
Scarf - vintage via Buffalo Exchange
Shorts - Style & Co, Sz 16
Sheer Hose - Hanes XXL
Shoes - Chromatic Gallerie Cat Called
Glasses - SEE Eyewear
Lipstick - NARS Luxembourg 

90’s Vintage Plus Size Daisy Print Dress

It’s so hard for me to call 90’s clothes “vintage” since that was my teenage era and well, I just can’t admit that I’m vintage.  But I am - I know. And I had a dress exactly like this in 1995 when I was a sophomore in high school.  I loved it and I used to wear it with a flannel and my green suede Dr. Martens. 

That old dress bit the dust many years ago, but I found this great version while shopping at Lovesickvintage.  Owner Britteny has a fantastic collection of VINTAGE PLUS SIZE CLOTHES - I know, the holy grail, right? I highly recommend checking out her etsy site and for those in Chicago, stop by Market Days at Township on Sundays.

I’m going to relive my teenage years in the most adult way - by going to brunch and a few coffee shops. A perfect sunday for this outfit. I snuck in a photo of my sweetheart S - wearing his sunday favorite outfit.

Daisy print 90s dress - Lovesick Vintage
Flannel - thrifted (Men’s size L)
Denim Jacket - GAP
Dr. Martens - via nordstrom rack
Triangle Necklace - Forever 21
Purse - Forever 21
Crystal bullet necklace - etsy, lovelymusings
Glasses - SEE Eyewear
Earrings - etsy 

S is wearing a denim shirt from H&M, Shorts are H&M, Shoes are Dr Martens canvas lace-ups, necklace from Forever 21

5’9” 220# queer fat femme

Casual Collar and V-Neck Sweater

After lots of holiday parties and dressing up, I just wanted to wear something casual for a trip out to the suburbs this weekend.  But of course it’s me, and I have to add something fancy to the whole look - I added a layered crystal necklace underneath my black button-up collar shirt.  And you’ve seen these oxford shoes recently, but they are so fantastic - I’m completely obsessed with them.

And the trip to the suburbs was great…there was a short stop at IKEA and i got some of my art framed and we bought lots of japanese candy at a huge asian market.  A really sweet Saturday overall.

Clothing Details
Black Collar Button up Shirt - Thrifted
V-Neck Sweater - Calvin Klein L (Thrifted)
Denim Jeggings - Target, Sz 16
Argyle Socks - H&M
Oxford Shoes - thrifted (from toronto!)
Crystal Necklace - Forever 21
Glasses - SEE

I’m 5’9” and approx 215#   

Stripes on Stripes and Oxfords and Toronto

As you may recall, I visited toronto earlier this spring and had a wonderful time.  I went back earlier this fall for a quick weekend trip for S’s birthday.  This time we spent a lot more time exploring the neighborhoods.  

We ended up finding some great thrifting in the St. Clair West area of town.  At one shop, they were having a 50% off everything sale, and I found these amazing vintage UK leather oxfords.  They needed a little repair, but I brought them home to my cobbler and got them fixed up - total cost with repairs was $25!  Then in the next shop, I stumbled across this amazing striped wool coat for only $15.  I scooped it up and got it cleaned and repaired when I came home.

The highlight of the toronto trip was seeing Molly Nilsson at a tiny little venue on S’s birthday.  Her music is comforting to me - her voice is so deep and pure.  Seeing her there and talking to her before the show was just a dream (that’s her album in the first photo)
Molly Nilsson - Hey Moon
Molly Nilsson - I Hope You Die 

Clothing Details

Black/White Striped Dress - Old Navy - Sz XL (currently available on their site)
Oxblood Sweater Tights - Nordstrom
Oxblood Belt - H&M
Black/White striped coat - thrifted, vintage 
Oxford Shoes - Thrifted
Star cut-out gloves - H&M
Clutch - vintage
Quill earrings - etsy
Necklace - etsy 

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